Don’t Delay Documenting Your Elderly Loved One’s Life

More and more family caregivers are taking the time to document their elderly loved one’s life and memories. Because there’s never a guarantee that an aging adult will be around for a lot of years, it’s never too late to get started with recording and preserving their personal history. When family caregivers, adult children and interested relatives do what they can to collect and preserve the elder adult’s knowledge and history, they can pass it on to new generations.

There are several ways to gather an elderly relative’s personal history. Most are not costly and can be conducted over several shorter sessions or one long session. While it can seem overwhelming to start a project like this, family caregivers should not delay. All they need to do is start small and work their way up to a finished product.

Here are just a few ideas on documenting person history.

Digital Recordings
Whether its audio or video, there’s no better way to capture an elderly loved one’s personal history than a recording. Not only does it record their voice, but it can also document priceless other things like their laughter, their gestures and more. Caregivers can also capture their interaction with other people, such as grandchildren or their spouse to create precious memories.

Photo Album
Whether it’s a collection of loose photos or just putting more details on an existing album, family caregivers can organize a loved one’s photo album. If there are a lot of photos, they can create more than one album. Caregivers sit with the aging relative and create captions and labels for the photographs that provide details like names, locations and any other associated memories.

Document Genealogy and Family History
Millions of people all over the world are getting into genealogy and uncovering all the many branches on their family tree. An elderly parent is an ideal source for collecting the names and birthdays of many people they are related to. It’s especially insightful to discover long-lost names of relatives that help put the puzzle pieces together to complete the family tree.

Recipe Heritage
Many family traditions center around food, so some family caregivers gather recipes from a loved one that have particular meaning. From barbecue to birthday cake, these special recipes are often not written down, but passed through the generations orally. They can create a recipe book of a loved one’s best recipes combined with stories and memories featuring these special meals and desserts.

Because family caregivers are fortunate enough to spend a significant amount of time with their elderly relative, they are creating wonderful memories in the present. However, they shouldn’t miss the opportunity to capture their love one’s memories and history before it’s too late. Everyone has a story to tell and for an older adult, they often want the chance to share them because they know that the gesture will help shape how they are remembered by future generations.


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