June 21 is International Yoga Day: Learn the Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

It’s no secret that everyone needs exercise to stay healthy—even older adults. However, seniors who suffer from aches and pains may be reluctant to participate in strenuous exercises. If that’s the case for your aging relative, they may want to consider trying yoga. With June 21 being International Yoga Day, there’s a good chance they could find a free or discounted class in their community.

About Yoga

There may be no other form of exercise as tried and true as yoga. It’s an ancient form of exercise that has 5,000 years of history behind it. The word yoga means “to yoke or join together” in Sanskrit. Some believe its meant to refer to joining the body and mind.

Yoga uses poses that strengthen the body and emphasize breathing and concentration. There are many different kinds of yoga, but none of them is considered superior to another. Most communities have yoga classes available through a gym, community center, or a dedicated yoga studio. Classes may be offered to target many different concerns, such as yoga for relaxation, relaxation, or chair yoga for people who have mobility problems.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga offers many health benefits, both physical and mental. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improved Body Image: Yoga encourages people to focus on what their body is capable of doing instead of what it is not. This can make the person feel better about themselves. Surveys show that people who practice yoga aren’t as critical of their bodies as those who do not.
  • Less Anxiety: Yoga helps to reduce anxiety by inducing a state of relaxation. In a study conducted in 2015, researchers found that women who took a 60-minute yoga class twice per week reported feeling less anxious than women who did not.
  • Improved Balance: Yoga strengthens muscles, which can help prevent falls. In addition, it gives people more body awareness so that they become more conscious of the position of their body. All of this makes balance better.
  • Weight Loss: Not only does yoga burn calories, which is the key to losing weight, it also makes people more likely to be mindful about what they eat and more in tune with hunger cues. Studies show that people who practice yoga have a lower body mass index (BMI).

Elder care can help older adults who are interested in trying yoga to do so. An elder care provider can assist the senior to find and sign up for a class that fits their abilities. They can come to the older adult’s house on the days of classes and help them to get dressed and ready to go. Elder care providers can remind them to bring a bottle of water and yoga mat with them. Finally, the elder care provider can drive your loved one to the class.


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