Items to Pack When Visiting a Vacation Rental with Your Family

Summer means vacation for many families, and that means finding the right place for your family to stay. While your first thought might be to rent a hotel room or two, instead choosing to rent a vacation house can offer a wide variety of benefits to your entire family throughout the trip. Staying in a vacation house gives your family space, privacy, and a range of amenities that likely wouldn't be available to you in a normal hotel, including a full kitchen. As a family caregiver, this can make fulfilling your care efforts far easier and more accessible. In order to get the most benefit from your vacation rental, it's important that you pack wisely. While many of these homes come equipped with basic necessities, you want to make sure you bring along the things you'll need to stay comfortable, and meet your needs throughout your time away from home.

Some items you should pack when visiting a vacation rental with your family:

  • Toiletries. Bring along your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, and other toiletries you use when you are at home. Bring them in regular sizes if possible so you don't run out while visiting. Remember it is unlikely these items will be available at the home. Be sure to ask about necessities such as toilet paper
  • Cleaning products. Vacation rentals rarely have housekeeping for during your trip. Bring along your preferred products to keep the home clean and fresh the way you would at home. While you might not want to think about cleaning when on vacation, having items like multi-surface cleaner and a sponge available will ensure your environment stays comfortable and healthy
  • Laundry products. Being able to wash clothes while you are on vacation can be a fantastic amenity. Doing laundry means having fresh, clean clothes, being able to manage spills or other messes that might happen, and means you don't have to pack as much while traveling. While some houses provide these products, they might not be safe or preferred for your family if they have sensitive skin issues. Bring along detergent and softener like you use at home to avoid irritation and keep scents consistent

When vacation time comes around, senior care can be a valuable resource. As a family caregiver, you want to make sure your aging parent has continuous access to the highest quality of care, both when you are able to give it to them and when you are not. If you are traveling without your aging loved one, respite senior care can be a fantastic help. This type of care provider steps into care for your parent in the ways that are right for them while you are away, whether that is for just a few hours to take a break for yourself, or several days for vacation. If your aging parent is coming along with you for your trip, having a senior care provider along means they can continue to benefit from the dedicated, personalized care of this care provider while still enjoying their time with you, your partner, and your children. This supports higher quality of life and emotional health for your parent, while also relieving your stress.

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