Is Your Senior Ready for Library Lovers Month?

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn't make Library Lovers Month any less enjoyable. Take the time to determine what the local library can do for your senior, especially if she's needing something to help her stay more mentally and socially active.

Classes, Seminars, and More

Most library systems offer a wide range of seminars, workshops, and classes that people of all ages can sign up to take. In many cases, these are free experiences, too, although that doesn't necessarily hold true in every situation, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully. This is a fantastic way for your elderly family member to learn something new and to stretch her brain.

Social Experiences with People Who Have Similar Interests

Staying social as she grows older can be extremely difficult for your aging adult. Going to the library can help her to meet people who have interests that are similar to her own and those relationships can grow. Even meeting people who are slightly younger or older than she is can help her to expand her social circle quite a bit.

Exposure to More of What the Library Has to Offer

Your elderly family member probably knows that she can check out books and audiobooks at her local library, but there's a lot more that she can do, too. Libraries also offer music, often in CD format but occasionally in cassette tapes, as well. She can also check out movies and even electronic books that she can download from home. Some libraries still offer mobile library services, or bookmobiles, and your elderly family member might be able to sign up to get on the route.

The Librarians Can Get to Know Her

As librarians get to know your elderly family member, they can start to recommend items and services to her that are personalized to her needs and wants. And she'll get a warm welcome no matter whether she comes to the library with you or with elderly care providers. Talk to the librarians about what types of items might work for her and you might be surprised what else they suggest.

Whether your senior has been a fan of libraries in the past or not, there are quite a few positives to her becoming acquainted with her local one now. This is also a great outing to help your elderly family member to add to a weekly routine, which can help her to feel more grounded.

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