Tips for Soothing Winter Skin

Elderly adults have skin that tends to be thinner and more vulnerable than that of younger adults. This means that it is already at higher risk of discomfort and injury, and can take a longer time to heal if they do suffer a wound, even if it is minor. When the winter weather comes and your parent is exposed to very cold temperatures, wind, artificial indoor heat, fires, and other elements, these issues can go even further and become extremely uncomfortable, tight, itchy, and even painful. When this happens, your parent might be compelled to rub at, scratch, pick at, or otherwise harm their skin, which can lead to the skin becoming injured and open the body to germs and bacteria that can lead to potentially serious infections and illnesses. Soothing winter skin helps to protect your parent from discomfort and reduce the risk that they will suffer injuries and health consequences as a result.

Use these tips to help soothe your parent's winter skin:

  • Examine their skin daily and ask them to tell you if any areas of their skin feel particularly dry, tight, uncomfortable, or otherwise affected by the winter air. Getting started managing and treating winter skin as early as possible makes it easier to heal the skin and prevent further consequences.
  • Encourage your aging parent to take shorter, cooler baths and showers, and to use a highly moisturizing body wash.
  • Gently exfoliate their skin to remove dry, irritated layers and encourage the production of healthier new cells. Be careful not to choose a product that is to course or rough, which can lead to injury to your parents skin, and be sure to apply high-quality moisturizer as soon as your parent gets out of the bathroom shower after exfoliating to provide soothing moisture to the new skin.
  • Encourage your aging parent to apply high quality moisturizer such as a body butter or body cream to their skin regularly. This is particularly important after they have bathed, before they go outside in the cold temperatures, and at any point when their skin is starting to feel dry or tight.

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