What Visual Signs Can Let You Know Your Aging Adult Needs More Help?

When you've asked your aging adult over and over again whether you can help her, you might have to rely on what you can see to tell you that you need to step in. Some of these visual clues and signs can give you information that your senior is reluctant to share with you.

Her Expressions Seem Different or Pained

You're probably really familiar with your senior's facial expressions, so when they start to change, that can be a big clue for you. Her expressions might simply be different in ways that you can't put your finger on, but there can also be some specifics. For example, she might have more of a flat expression than she's ever had or she might consistently look tired.

Her Appearance Has Changed

Keeping up with hygiene and personal tasks such as bathing and dressing can be way more tiring than your elderly family member might expect. You might find that her appearance seems to be changing in subtle ways, such as her hairstyle is much different now. What this tells you is that your elderly family member may not have the dexterity or the energy to maintain her appearance in the same way she has before.

She's Having Trouble Moving or Getting Up

Watch how your senior moves as you're talking with her. Staying in one position or making excuses not to get up can be a big indication for you that there might be more going on. When your elderly family member does get up, is she able to do so easily and without a struggle? If not, she may be starting to have mobility issues.

Her Surroundings Have Changed

You can get significant visual clues about your senior's life from how her home looks, too. If she's never been the type to let dishes pile up, that might be a huge red flag for you. Laundry piling up or dust accumulating when that's never happened before can all be a sign. Make sure that you're taking a quick look around at what is going on so that you can get a full picture.

When you're trying to determine when and how to help your senior the most, you might find yourself frustrated, especially if she's turning down help. Once you can see with your own eyes that things are changing, it might be time to bring in elderly care providers who can help with some of the more complicated tasks.

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