Attending a State or County Fair with Your Senior Loved One

Senior Care in Williamston MI

Senior Care in Williamston MIAll over the United States, summer is known as the season of state and county fairs. Depending on where your loved one lives, these can be big, exciting events, or they can be quite small and laid back. Either way, there are a great opportunity for your loved one to get out and about, meet friends, and enjoy the sights. If you plan to take your senior loved one to a state or county fair this summer, read on for some helpful tips that can help you to make the day fun and memorable for both of you.

Get the Discount!

Many state and county fairs offer discounted ticket prices for seniors. So, be sure to ask at the ticket window if your senior loved one can get the senior discount.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Many fairs have large, expansive fair grounds. While this is a wonderful way for your loved one to get a great walk in and plenty of exercise, it can be painful if they are not wearing the appropriate shoes. Make sure that they wear shoes with plenty of cushioning and support so that they can enjoy the day without foot, ankle, knee, or hip pain.

Don’t Forget About Sun Protection

Sometimes, when there is a lot of activity going on, it can be easy to ignore sun care. However, it is very important for seniors to stay protected from the damaging rays of the sun to prevent skin cancer and sun burns. Make sure that they wear sunscreen and reapply it every two hours. In addition, it is a great idea to encourage them to wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Periodically, take a break from the sun by going into a covered tent or pavilion for a snack, to look at the animals, or to enjoy a concert.

Stay Hydrated

If you will be spending the day at the fair with your loved one and the weather is hot, they can be at risk for dehydration. For this reason, don’t forget to encourage them to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If your fair allows, bring a water bottle from home that has enough water in it for the whole day to avoid having to pay a high price for bottled water at the fair. Also keep in mind that sugary or caffeinated drinks such as soda which are often widely available at fairs can actually have a dehydrating effect on the body.

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