How Reading a Good Book can Benefit Seniors

Senior Care in Lansing MI

Senior Care in Lansing MIToday, it is easy for seniors (as well as people of all ages) to fill up free time with screen time, such as turning on the T.V., browsing the internet, or playing games on a tablet or smartphone. While it is great for seniors to learn new technology and stay connected with loved ones with high-tech gadgets, it is important for seniors to keep in mind the value of spending time reading a good book. Reading for pleasure, whether it is reading a suspenseful novel, a non-fiction book about something new and interesting, or a collection of classic poems, has many health benefits for seniors that should not be ignored. If you have a senior loved one, here are some great reasons why you should encourage them to pick up a great book and start reading today!

Reading Reduces Stress

Reading can help seniors relax and escape the stresses of the real world even more so than watching a T.V. show or movie can. If your senior loved one chooses a book that is interesting to them and is something that they can really engage with, reading it can become a relaxing and happiness-boosting experience.

Reading is a Mentally Stimulating Activity

Just like doing puzzles and playing “brain games”, reading is a mentally stimulating activity that seniors can do to keep their brain sharp, improve memory, and keep them learning new things. Some studies have even shown that reading regularly can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Reading Before Bed Promotes Better Sleep

Many studies have shown that “screen time” before bed such as watching T.V. or using a computer, can make it harder to fall asleep and to get good, quality sleep. If your senior loved one needs something to help them unwind and relax at night, suggest reading! It is a relaxing activity that doesn’t bombard the eyes with bright lights.

Reading Promotes Learning

There is a lot of emphasis on encouraging children to read because of all the things they can learn from reading books. However, people of all ages can learn endless information from reading, seniors included! Studies have show that reading fiction can even teach people to become more empathetic and understanding of the feelings of others. In addition, self-help books can help your senior loved one face difficult problems in their life and how-to books can help them to learn a new practical skill such as cooking or repairing things around the house.


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