How Do You Prepare Yourself to Care for an Elderly Parent?

Elder Care in Okemos MI: How Do You Prepare Yourself to Care for an Elderly Parent?

Elder Care in Okemos MI: How Do You Prepare Yourself to Care for an Elderly Parent?

Elder care is often necessary but costly if you don't plan in advance. Many family members choose to provide care to an elderly care parent to help save money and ensure the highest level of care. Before you take on this new role, make sure you're prepared for the impact it can have.

Your Parent Won't Always Appreciate Your Help

There will be days when your parent is frustrated and takes it out on you. You'll be criticized, yelled at, and possibly even hit, scratched, or kicked. It's physically and mentally challenging.

You should look into a caregiver support group. There are groups online and locally. You'll often find local groups at senior centers and hospitals.

Talk to Family Members and Friends

Not everyone will have time to help, but some might. If you can create a care schedule that has someone jumping in to help two days a week and someone else cooking and delivering meals, it will make a big difference.

Using online planners like Google Calendar, you can track who is caring for your mom or dad. With others chipping in, you'll have more time to spend taking care of your own emotional and mental health. If you still work, you can schedule your work hours around the availability of other family caregivers.

You'll Often Find Yourself Short on Time

If you had kids, think back to the days when you had a toddler. By the time you'd cooked, cleaned, entertained, fed, and put your child to bed, you were exhausted. The same is true when providing elder care to a parent.

You'll be spending your days cooking meals, reminding them to take medications, and cleaning up the house. You may have to wash them, clean them after using the toilet, and change adult diapers throughout the day. Some days are better than others, but many days just don't have enough hours.

With the demands of caring for your parent, you have to take away from your own personal time. Unless you consider respite care services, you'll tell friends you're too busy. You'll find time is too tight to schedule your own appointments with doctors and dentists. You have to remember that your needs come first.

Providing elder care to a parent is a true act of love. It's also very stressful. Take care of yourself, too. Talk to an elder care agency and ask about respite care. A trained caregiver takes over so that you don't have to quit a job, give up on evenings out, or skip your own important medical appointments.

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