What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected as a Family Caregiver?

Unexpected situations can be among those that family caregivers dread the most. Here are just a few ways that you can keep some typical issues at bay.

Shop in Bulk

Toilet paper always seems to go faster when you're down to the last couple of rolls and by then, you probably can't get to the store easily. That's why it's a good idea to shop in bulk when you can so that you can stock up on the items that you know you'll need. Make a list of the items that you can buy multiples of and make a plan for stocking up. Keep in mind that you'll need to store these items, so figure that part out, too.

Keep Healthy Foods Around that Are Easy to Grab

If you're not keeping healthy foods around that are easy to grab on the run, you're much more likely to grab fast food or processed foods. Take the time when you grocery shop to put easy snacks and meals together. For example, you might pour single-servings of mixed nuts into zippered plastic bags. Or you might put a few pieces of fruit in a bag that's easy to take with you. Try to do "future you" a favor and make sure you've got healthy options that keep your energy going.

Know Your Backup Plan

Having a backup plan can be one of the best ways to avoid the unexpected. You never know when you'll be needed elsewhere, even when your elderly family member still needs you. Hire elderly care providers who can step in when you can't and figure out how you'll set that backup plan in motion.

Keep Copies of Paperwork Handy

One of the biggest issues during an unexpected situation can be paperwork. It might be safe at home, for example, when you need it with you. Keep a copy of important paperwork with you or somewhere that you can easily access it, even if you're not at home. One option might be to keep a digital copy on your smartphone.

As prepared as you might try to be, some scenarios might still catch you off guard. Don't beat yourself up, though. Learn what you can from every situation and try to add it to your plan for next time.

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