What is a Lung Biopsy?

The period when you and your parent think that they might have lung cancer can be a frightening time for both of you. If your parent has risk factors or has been showing symptoms of the disease, or there is another reason why the doctor suspects that they might be living with such a condition, the doctor might recommend that your parent undergo what is known as a lung biopsy. Hearing this term can be unnerving, particularly if you or your parent do not understand what this test entails or its purpose. By taking the time to understand it, you can put both of your minds at ease.

A lung biopsy is a procedure during which a needle is used to remove a tiny amount of lung tissue so that it can be more thoroughly examined and tested. This test is generally used when the doctor has identified an area of the lungs that looks abnormal and that they want more information about. They will remove this bit of tissue and examine it under a microscope to determine the reason behind the abnormality and any steps that need to be taken.

A biopsy can also be used to provide information about many other health issues, including the buildup of fluid in the lungs, chronic inflammation, infections, and other problems. This test can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other tests to provide further information about your parent’s lungs. The doctor will be able to tell you why they are performing this test and what information they hope to glean out of it so that you and your parent can understand the process and what might happen next.

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