What May Cause Hallucinations or Delusions in a Senior with Parkinson's Disease?

Senior Care in DeWitt MI: What May Cause Hallucinations or Delusions in a Senior with Parkinson's Disease?

Hallucinations and delusions can be some of the most intimidating symptoms for a senior with Parkinson's disease, and for you as their family caregiver. Not understanding what your parent is experiencing can leave you feeling helpless and unable to give them the care they need. By understanding what may cause these issues, you may be better able to cope with them, and help your parent to deal with what they experience in a way that still allows them to live the healthy, safe, and fulfilling lifestyle they deserve.

Some potential causes for hallucinations and delusions in Parkinson's disease include:

  • Certain medications for PD. If this is the case, your parent's doctor might be able to adjust dosages or timing of doses, or even help your parent choose a different medication to alleviate this symptom.
  • Dementia. Though many people think of dementia as something related just to Alzheimer's disease, it is actually a term used to describe cognitive functioning decline and compromised memory in many different situations, including PD.
  • Delirium. This change in attention or cognitive processing occurs over a short period of time, and is reversible. It is often confused with dementia, or with the impact of medication or other treatments. The risk for developing delirium is increased dramatically in hospital settings, particularly among those who are undergoing or who have undergone treatment for health issues or injuries, have an infection, or who have gotten surgery.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life, and when an aging parent is dealing with a progressive disease such as Parkinson's disease, it can be even more so. Regardless of what your aging parent is coping with, you want to make sure they are getting all of the care, support, and assistance they need to manage their challenges in the best way possible. Starting senior care for them can be a fantastic way to pursue this goal. A senior home care provider can supplement the care you give your parents, fill care needs that are difficult or uncomfortable for you, and let you enjoy know your senior has companionship, emotional support, and services tailored to helping them maintain their independence, mental and emotional health and well-being, safety, and more as they age.

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