What You Should Know About Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Home Care in South Plainfield MI: What You Should Know About Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Home Care in South Plainfield MI: What You Should Know About Lightning Safety Awareness Week

As the summer gets closer many people are thinking about fun outdoor activities, summer vacation, and more leisure time that is generally provided by this season. In your role as a family caregiver, however, it is essential that you also keep in mind the potential dangers that can come with this time of year. This can help you to plan your activities and ensure that your family can enjoy this time together while staying safe and healthy.

June 18 through 24 is Lightning Safety Awareness Week. This is the ideal time for you to learn more about lightning, its dangers, and what you can do to protect your senior throughout this time of year.

Some things that you should know about lightning safety include:
• Approximately 25 million lightning strikes between clouds and the ground occur throughout the United States each year
• Summer is not the only time that lightning occurs, but it is during these months when it is most common
• An average of 51 people die each year as a result of lightning strikes according to records of the last 30 years
• Approximately 10 percent of those people who are struck by lightning are killed by the event
• Those who survive a lightning strike can suffer from a range of symptoms and effects, some of which can linger for the rest of their lives
• 81 percent of fatalities related to lightning are in males
• 19 percent of fatalities related to lightning are in females
• Most lightning strikes do not occur during the most intense part of a thunderstorm, but rather before or after this peak
• Lightning strikes occur as far as 25 miles from the thunderstorm of its origin, even beyond where the rainfall extends
• The danger of lightning strike continues for 30 minutes beyond when the last of the thunder is heard and it is critical to remain in shelter for this entire period

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