Handy Closet Organization Products for Someone With Mobility Issues

Following a knee surgery, your dad walks with a cane. Your mom had a hip replacement and uses a walker. Mobility issues can make it harder for seniors to get around the home. Closets are one of the areas where the elderly often have the hardest time getting items they need. Here are some closet organization products that work well for seniors with mobility issues.

Sliding Drawers and Racks

Reaching overhead to take down a clothes hanger from a rack is no longer possible. Your mom simply doesn't have the arm strength to reach over her head from her wheelchair. Put a cabinet with sliding drawers into her closet. When she needs a pair of pants or sweater, she pulls out the drawer and removes the piece of clothing she needs.

There are also narrow racks that slide out of a cabinet using a track or wheels. Smaller items like ties, scarves, and shoes fit on these racks. To access the item, it's as easy as pulling the handle and pulling the rack out. When the item is in hand, the rack pushes easy back into the closet or cabinet.

Pull-Down Closet Rod

Your parents like hanging their clothes on a rod. Accessing that rod and getting clothes off the hanger is hard, however. There are pull-down closet rods that have a pull rod to make it easy to pull down the clothes to wheelchair height. When the items have been removed, the pull rod pushes up to move the rack back against the wall.

Swiveling Pant Holders

Installed flat against a wall, there are holders that have 12 heavy-duty wooden dowels. Hang one pair of pants on each dowel at a comfortable height. When you parent needs pants, the dowels swing out to make the pants easy to get. When your parent is done dressing, the dowels swing back against the wall in a space-saving design.

Can your parent still dress without help? They don't have to give up a sense of style in order to wear clothes that are easy to take on and off. Caregivers can help with zippers, buttons, and ties. Your parent doesn't have to move out of the family home. It's as easy as scheduling a home care professional to spend time with your mom or dad while showering, dressing, and having breakfast.

Learn more about the options home care offers. Call an agency today to discuss the things they could use help completing.

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