How Do You Make Your Dad's Kitchen Accessible When His Mobility Declines?

Your dad is having a hard time getting around his home. He's having a hard time cooking meals. What do you do? There are kitchen items that make the kitchen safer for people with mobility issues. Here's a look at some of the best.

All-Purpose Kitchen Stool

An all-purpose kitchen stool offers a safe seat to a senior who has difficulties standing for a period of time. The backrest and arms provide support while cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat. When it's time to move, the non-slip feet on the chair partner with the arms to give your dad something to hold while he stands up.

Most kitchen stools have adjustable arm supports and seat height to accommodate people who are very tall or shorter than average. Seats are usually slanted to help get out of after prep work is done.

Grabber/Reacher Tool

If cans, spices, or other food items are on shelves that are hard for your dad to reach, a grabber/reacher tool is a must. He has a study tool that grabs and securely holds items in its claw until your dad has it safely down on the counter. These grabbing and reaching devices come in a range of sizes that have a reach of as much as 36 inches. Some have built-in flashlights, too.

Kitchen Mat

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats help prevent leg, foot, and back pain while working in a kitchen. This mat is made from memory foam and has anti-slip backing for safety. Place it in front of a counter, stove, or sink and your dad can stand for longer than he could on a bare floor.

Pull-Out Shelves

If getting a pan out of a lower cupboard is hard, look into cabinets that have pull-out shelves. Your dad can slide out the shelf, get the pan he needs, and close the cabinet. There are also cabinets for glassware, dishes, spices, and other frequently used kitchen items.

Rolling Trivet

Moving a hot pan from the stove to the counter is hard. With a rolling trivet, you move the pan to the trivet. Wheels help you move the pan to the counter. There's a rubber stopper or locking wheels that prevents the trivet from moving once you've rolled it into place. If your dad can't lift a pan for a long and needs space on his stove for another pan, a rolling trivet is a must.

It might simply be time for your dad to stop cooking meals without help. Elder care services ensure your dad has healthy meals and snacks without him risking his safety. Once a week, a few times a week, or every day, a caregiver comes to his home and cooks or helps him cook meals and snacks. Call an elder care agency to find out more about meal preparation services for the elderly.

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