Assessing Your Dad's House for Aging in Place

Your dad wants to age in place. Most seniors do. You worry about his safety. You don't have to. Home care services provide the means for your dad to age in place without you having to worry about him being unsafe or alone all day.

The first step in setting your dad up to age at home is a home evaluation. You need to decide if his house is safe for him. Here are the things you should look at.

The Home's Layout

The layout of your dad's home is an important component in aging in place. If his home has a lot of stairs and his mobility is worsening, you may need to make some adjustments. If his home is on the second floor and the bathroom is on the first floor, trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night may be an issue.

If your dad is in a raised ranch and the stairs to the front door don't have rails, he may find it impossible to get inside or go outside. If his bedroom is at the end of a long hallway that only has one dim ceiling lamp, he might have a hard time getting to his bedroom when night falls.

A home care agency could help you assess how well the house is equipped for your dad's changing mobility. With some quick modifications, such as turning a main floor den into a bedroom, your dad can age in place safely.

The Home's Location

How far is your dad's house from the nearest hospital, medical offices, and stores? If he's an hour or two from you and ambulance service is an hour away, it may not be ideal. You'll need to look into ways to make sure he's alone as little as possible.

If he's secluded in the country without a home around for miles, he may in companionship and socialization are hard to come by. If he no longer drives, transportation services are part of a home care package that would benefit him.

The Relationship With Neighbors

How well does your dad get along with his neighbors? If there was an emergency, would he be comfortable going to them for help? If he doesn't know his neighbors, you may want to go introduce yourself and get a feel for how accommodating they'd be if there was a fire. Would they be okay with him going to their house to call for help?

A home care agency can help you assess what your dad's home needs for him to remain safe. Call an agency to learn more about services that help reduce the risk of a fall. You can also discuss other helpful home care services like meal preparation, medication reminders, and transportation.

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