What Are Some Easy Ways to Convince Your Elderly Loved One to Make Healthy Food Choices?

Home Care in Okemos MI

Home Care in Okemos MIEncouraging healthy eating habits can be complicated for some family caregivers. Your elderly loved one might not be very interested in food or she might feel embarrassed over her health conditions. Regardless of the problem, there are plenty of ways to help convince your loved one to eat plenty of healthy food.

Set up a Routine for Meals and Snacks

Having a routine for meals and snacks is essential for your elderly loved one. She needs to be able to associate specific times of day with eating a healthy meal or snack. If your loved one has a hard time eating larger quantities of food, try serving snacks in place of larger meals. That can help to keep her eating foods that are good for her.

Make Each Meal Special

If you can make meals special, that can help your loved one to feel special, too. Try using the good dishes and put some flowers on the table. This all sets a happy, pleasant ambiance that can make the meal much more fun for everyone who is involved. Make it a point to turn off the television, too. Focus on enjoying the meal with each other.

Don't Obsess over Table Manners

Some elderly loved ones might worry about doing the wrong thing at the table or using incorrect table manners overall. Don't worry about table manners with your elderly loved one. Even if you've brought out the good dishes, eating finger foods is just fine. What you want to focus on is that your elderly loved one is eating plenty of food that is healthy and nourishing for her.

Serve Foods that Are Suitable for Your Loved One's Abilities

Your loved one might avoid meals if the food is difficult for her to eat, too. some ideas to consider might be using finger foods instead of foods that require utensils or opting for soft foods whenever possible. You might also want to consider trying healthier versions of foods that your loved one enjoys. That can help to give her the same general feeling, but with higher nutritional value.

If you need additional ideas for making meals much more productive, try talking to your loved one's home care providers. They may be able to share suggestions that have worked for them in the past.

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