The Importance of Having Supportive Family Members for Home Care

Home Care in Mason MI

Home Care in Mason MINot only do older adults need an excellent team of medical professionals to make sure the elder’s body stays healthy, but having a supportive family is equally as beneficial to their health. Some family members help their elder loved ones by taking on the roles of caregivers, while others hire home care aids to assist with any tasks that have become too difficult for their loved one to do.

Being surrounded by people who love them, especially when coping with a health condition, has a number of benefits. Here are some of the reasons family is important for older adults who are receiving elderly care.

  • Family cares about the well-being of their elderly loved one. Adult children and other relatives of the senior have most likely known them for decades. They most likely know what the elder likes, what the dislike, and how they like their daily responsibilities accomplished, such as laundry or household chores. This makes the family members ideal for helping their loved one with chores they are unable to do by themselves anymore. Family members also want what’s best for their elderly loved one and will do what is needed to keep them healthy. This could mean buying groceries for them or encouraging them to take their medicine.
  • The older adult’s health will improve. According to the California Healthcare Foundation, increased support from family has been linked to better blood pressure control for those with hypertension, improved glycemic control for elders with diabetes, fewer cardiac problems for those with heart disease, and improved joint health for people with arthritis. The result of family support is better chronic illness management.
  • Family members are knowledgeable on the senior’s health history. One thing that the elder’s medical professionals and family members have in common is the fact that both have an in-depth knowledge of the patient’s health history. This makes family members informed on how their loved one is managing their health problems, as well as knowing what the senior needs to do to manage their health. A family support system will also most likely have ongoing communication with the elder’s doctor in order to provide better care for their loved one.
  • Involved in meal planning and medication reminders. Diet is important to people of all ages, but even more critical for older adults. As loved ones get older, they may forget to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Family members could provide meal planning assistance to ensure their loved one eats nutritious meals. Older adults may also forget to take their medication, which is something else family members will be able to remind them to do.

Having a family support system is beneficial to the health of elderly adults, as stated in the above points. However, if you are unable to provide the support your loved one needs, senior care professionals can step in and provide the assistance your family member needs.


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