Could Your Elderly Loved One Benefit from Using a Cane?

Home Care in Holt MI

Home Care in Holt MISome elderly loved ones see a cane as a sign that they're aging very rapidly. Some may also see it as a physical sign of a loss of independence. The truth is that a cane doesn't have to be either. Instead, it can be a tool that helps your loved one to stay as stable as possible while walking or standing.

In Cases of Poor Balance

The most obvious time that your loved one might need a cane is if her balance is ever impeded. This could be a temporary situation, say after an illness of some kind, or it might be a progressive situation. Your loved one might also find a cane handy if she's having trouble with her vision, since the cane allows her to remain stable while standing and walking.

After Surgeries

After surgeries, such as knee or hip surgery, your loved one might find that she needs that extra little bit of support while she's recovering. Your loved one's doctor may recommend a cane to help take strain off of the affected area as well. Your loved one could find that using the cane regularly helps her to not only get around better but avoid damaging anything that was helped by the surgery.

After a Fracture

Fractures are a scary thing for elderly loved ones. Some could change her life forever. Your loved one might start her healing process with crutches or even a wheelchair, but as she continues to heal, a cane may be recommended. The cane can help her to avoid falling again and possibly re-injuring the fractured area.

After a Stroke

Since strokes often affect one entire side of your elderly loved one's body, it can be essential for her to have extra support on that side of her body. Your loved one may need an even more stable type of cane, such as the quad-footed variety, in order to ensure that she has the support she needs. As your loved one heals, she may be able to do without the cane occasionally, but it can give her added security when she's out and about.

Your loved one's home care providers can help her to learn how to use her cane effectively if she's still having trouble maneuvering.

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