Would My Elderly Mother Benefit from Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric massage is gaining respect in the medical community as a viable way to help elderly adults deal with a range of health issues. Geriatric massage, a unique form of massage therapy, is designed to meet the needs of elderly clients. In addition to dealing with any number of medical conditions with medication, geriatric massage can act as a supplement to a senior’s treatment plan. Family caregivers need to seriously consider geriatric massage as part of their overall elderly care plan.

The practitioners that give geriatric massages must be certified to show they understand the physical and psychological aspects of treating the elderly. They will use gentler pressure and less friction, plus take more care when manipulating the elderly person’s joints and muscles. The masseuse must know about their client’s current health conditions and know how to effectively deal with them during the massage. Before any massage session begins, the masseuse needs the latest health information from the elderly person, family member, home care aide or friend.

The health benefits that geriatric massages provide are truly astonishing. Because age changes the body so dramatically, it’s best to take a varied approach in dealing with symptoms, including diet, medication and physical and occupational therapy. Massages are linked to better sleep, better digestion, reduced pain, greater flexibility and lower blood pressure. The increased circulation throughout the body triggers all kinds of health benefits such as looser muscles and joints, greater alertness, faster healing for wounds and incisions, and better balance.

Mental health improves with regular geriatric massages as well. Stress can affect the body no matter how old they are. It can be especially hard for elderly adults to deal with depression and anxiety, which often go undiagnosed. Geriatric massage helps people unburden themselves and enjoy relaxing feelings and physical stimulation. It’s common for symptoms of anxiety and depression to recede with regular massages. Seniors that are touch deprived also benefit from regular physical contact with a trained professional masseuse.

There are more places than ever to find a specially trained geriatric masseuse. Common locations include a massage studio, senior citizen center, retirement community, geriatric clinic, community center and more. Many geriatric masseuse programs will even visit the elderly person in their home or apartment. Most sessions are quite affordable and can be scheduled at the same time each week or month so that a home care assistant can help as needed. As the demand for these services increase, there should be more resources available to family caregivers and their aging relatives.

Family caregivers should certainly consider the benefits of geriatric massage for their elderly loved ones. Those benefits may not be dramatic, but regular geriatric massage sessions will definitely contribute to the overall health and wellness of elderly adults.



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