Is Lack of Sleep Doing You More Harm than You Think?

Almost everyone experiences a night or two here or there in which sleep is more difficult than it should be. But if you're having trouble with sleep more often than occasionally, you're probably suffering from that more than you realize. Especially as a caregiver, sleep deprivation can be a serious problem that needs a solution.

Your Judgement and Your Memory Are Impaired

When you're not getting the right amount of sleep, your body and your brain aren't recharging the way that they should be. Because of that, your brain doesn't work the way that it should when you're going about your normal daily activities. Your memory isn't able to function well and you might find that you're making poor choices and decisions. This is extremely dangerous as a family caregiver.

Your Reaction Time Slows Down

Because your brain is all jumbled, it's not sending the rest of your body the right signals at the right time. As a result, your reaction time might be a lot slower than it usually is. This is especially a problem if you're behind the wheel a lot. If you're seriously sleep-deprived, you might want to consider having home care providers do the driving for your aging family member instead of doing it yourself.

You Might Be Depressed

Prolonged problems with getting enough sleep can contribute to in some people. You might not realize that you're depressed, either. You might feel as if you're just in need of some extra sleep. But then that extra sleep, if you're lucky to get it, may not correct the depression you're feeling. Talk with your doctor if you suspect you might be experiencing depression.

Your Health Issues Can Worsen

Existing health issues can become more of a problem if you're not getting enough sleep. , , and other issues require that your body gets the rest that it needs in order to help keep those situations under better control. Talk with your doctor to determine what else you can do to help improve your existing health conditions.

If you're not getting the sleep that you need, it's time to make a change. One solution is to hire senior care providers who can take over for you so that you can do something as simple as take a nap. Leaving your elderly family member in the experienced hands of senior care providers can help you to learn to relax again.

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