How to Create a Memory Box for Your Elderly Loved One

Caregivers in DeWitt MI: How to Create a Memory Box for Your Elderly Loved One

Caregivers in DeWitt MI: How to Create a Memory Box for Your Elderly Loved One

As a family caregiver, you're likely constantly looking for ways to keep your loved one's attention and to keep her mind occupied. One activity you can try is creating a memory box for your loved one to enjoy.

Choose a Container for the Memory Box

You might have an adorable decorative box already that you can use for this project or you might have something else, such as a favorite purse or a tackle box that your loved one used to love using. Even if all you have is a cardboard box, you can decorate it and use that to contain all of your surprises for your elderly loved one. While the container can be as fun and different as you want it to be, you don't have to do anything elaborate.

Decide What to Put Into the Container

Sit down and make a list of your loved one's interests and things that she enjoys. There may be trinkets, photos, or even items that you've found stored away that you decide to put into the box. Some items might be designed to help your loved one remember specific events while others might simply be for fun. You might even find little items when you're running errands that you want to put into the box, such as a new hand lotion or individually-wrapped chocolates.

Make Note of What Your Loved One Likes Best

As you and your loved one play around with the idea of the memory box, make note of what kinds of items seem to make her happiest. You're not going to hit it out of the park with every item in the box, unfortunately, but the longer you try this, the better you'll get at determining what your loved one is likely to enjoy the most.

Change out the Items Inside the Container Now and Again

Your loved one's memory box is going to get pretty dull if every time she visits it there are the same things in there. Every now and again, switch the items out so that there's always something new for your loved one to find and to explore. If you can, leave it open in a place that your loved one typically spends time so that she'll remember to check it out periodically.

Memory boxes are fantastic for loved ones who are having cognitive difficulties, but they can be used by anyone with equally enjoyable results.

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