What to Do for Your Loved One Before Hip Surgery

Elderly Care in East Lansing MI

Elderly Care in East Lansing MIHaving hip surgery is a little bit of a scary prospect, but if you can help your loved one to prepare for some of the details ahead of time that makes the situation easier. Try making a list so that you can start checking items off.

Get as Much Information About the Procedure as Possible

Go to your loved one's appointments with her so that you can learn about the procedure as much as possible. You need to know what to expect before and after the surgery so that you can give your loved one the care that she needs. If possible, get written information from your loved one's doctor so that you can refer to the information later while being fully present at the appointment.

Make Arrangements for Help

Your loved one will need extra help after she comes home. You may be able to handle most of that for her, but it's possible that you won't be able to do everything on your own. Let friends, family members, and neighbors know what's going on so that they can pitch in if they're able. Another option is to hire elder care providers for a few weeks until your loved one is back on her feet. Do all of this before the surgery so you're not scrambling after.

Double Check Transportation Plans

Your loved one is going to need help with transportation before and after surgery. She may not be able to drive herself for a while, so if you, other family members, and friends can help out, that's a huge help. Local senior centers may also be able to help with transportation, so you can check with them to learn more about resources in your area.

Adjust the House

After your loved one has surgery, there may be some things in her home that need to be moved temporarily so that she can access them more easily. You'll need to move anything that she would normally need to reach or bend to get to, so that she's got better access. You may also want to set up a spot for her that makes being up during the day easier so that she's got everything that she needs close at hand.

Stock up and Fill the Fridge

Before surgery, make sure that your loved one's fridge, freezer, and pantry are stocked. If you or other friends or family members can bring over prepared meals, that is an easy way to make sure that your loved one is eating well.

Making your loved one's experience after hip surgery better simply takes a little bit of planning.

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