How to Help Your Elderly Loved One to Cope with an Arthritis Diagnosis

Elder Care in Williamston MI

Elder Care in Williamston MIGetting a diagnosis of arthritis can be scary for both you and your elderly loved one. The truth is, though, that arthritis doesn't have to keep your loved one pinned down.

Ask Questions of Her Doctor

When you first get the diagnosis, make sure that you take the time to ask your loved one's doctor questions that both you and she might have about what this could mean for your loved one. You may need a day or so to process, but definitely follow up on the initial diagnosis with any questions that you have. Even if your question seems like a silly one to you, ask it if the information will help your loved one at all.

Get as Much Information as You Can

Besides your loved one's doctor, gather as much information from other sources as you can. The Arthritis Foundation is an excellent source of general information. From there, you can look into your loved one's specific type of arthritis for even more information.

Talk to Others Who Have Arthritis or Know Someone Who Does

Another excellent source of information for your loved one is from other people who are either dealing with arthritis themselves or who love someone with arthritis. You may have friends and other family members that you didn't even know were dealing with arthritis. By connecting with other people, you can really expand your knowledge base.

Join a Support Group

Even if you don't personally know anyone who is dealing with arthritis, there are plenty of support groups around that can help you and your loved one learn to cope with arthritis. Your loved one may want to join a support group herself and you can join one for caregivers to loved ones with arthritis. Support groups may meet locally or online, so it's a good idea to explore both options.

Work Out a Plan with Your Loved One

Once you and your elderly loved one are more informed, you can go about formulating a specific plan. In the early stages, your loved one may need occasional help while during later stages she may find that she needs far more assistance. Working out a plan now can help you to adjust and communicate with each other.

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