The 3 Best Smartphones for Seniors

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Elder Care in Mason MISmartphones are not just for the technologically advanced business professional anymore. Today, there are a variety of options for older adults who are new to using cell phones. As resistant as some seniors may be to using a cell phone, these devices can actually be lifesavers. For example, if your loved one were to fall and be in need of medical attention, having a phone with them will allow them to easily call for help.

Another example is for seniors that have Alzheimer’s disease and tend to wander. Emergency numbers can be programmed into the phone to allow the older adult to call for help when they become confused as to where they are. Their elder care provider can also track them through a tracking app if the elder becomes lost.

Smartphones can benefit older adults, but finding the right ones to accommodate them can be tricky. Here are the top 3 smartphones that elders will be able to use with ease.

Samsung Jitterbug Touch3

This smartphone was actually created with seniors in mind. It contains built-in apps that will get the elder urgent medical attention as soon as possible, as well as 24 hour access to nurses and medical staff. The touch buttons are very simple to navigate through in order to allow seniors to easily use their phone. The Jitterbug Touch3 was also created to be compatible with hearing aids, making this the perfect cell phone for those who are hearing impaired.

Windows 8 Powered Nokia Lumina 1020

Seniors can easily use view the large screen of this phone without having to fight the sunlight because it eliminates glare. A camera is built-in to each side of the phone, each one having a flash. Along with the quality camera feature, it has perfect sound that will make it easier for seniors to hear the person on the other end of the call compared to other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung did it again by creating yet another quality smartphone that is perfect for older adults. The 5 inch screen makes it simple for elders to view it, while the graphic provide them with clear images. It has 32gb of memory in order to allow seniors to hold as many e-books, pictures, and videos as they would like.

As much as your elderly loved one may think they have no use for cellphones, these 3 options are sure to change their mind.


Best Smartphone For Senior citizens and elderly

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