Making Moving Day Less Stressful for a Senior with Alzheimer's Disease

Elder Care in East Lansing MI

Elder Care in East Lansing MIMoving can be a stressful experience for anyone. For a senior with Alzheimer's disease, however, it can be overwhelming and cause anxiety, confusion, and a sense of that they are not in control. They may become fearful and even experience negative behaviors that could put themselves, you, and anyone else involved in the move at risk. Taking the time to prepare yourself and using a few simple strategies can help to make this day less stressful for your parent.

Use these tips to help make moving day less stress for a senior with Alzheimer's disease:

• Have the new place as ready as possible. Do as much as you can in advance of the final moving day to get their new home ready. Make it look comfortable and welcoming, but most importantly, familiar. Add touches throughout that they will recognize and that will give the new space the feeling of "home."

• Maintain their routine. Routine and predictability are vitally important concepts to seniors who are dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Keeping up with the schedule and routine to which they are accustomed is an important part of reducing anxiety and making them feel more in control. Deviating too much from this schedule can cause confusion, frustration, and fear, and increase the chances that they will experience unmet needs that might contribute to negative behaviors. Strive to keep their daily routine as intact as possible. Do your best to also plan the bulk of the move for the time of the day when your parent is generally at their happiest and most cooperative rather than a time when they would usually be doing something else such as eating or taking a nap. Hiring an elder care provider for this day can make a tremendous difference in your ability to accomplish this goal.

• Involve them. Even if it is in trivial and largely inconsequential ways, involve your parent in the move. This will help them to feel more involved and less like they are going through something that is happening "to" them. It will also engage their mind and keep them focused so that you are able to manage more of the move itself. Consider activities such as organizing a junk drawer, sorting small items, or moving individual pieces of clothing into a tote.

• Distract them. Another area in which the services of an elderly home care services provider can make highly beneficial impact is distracting your parent or diverting their attention and energy. If your parent is getting anxious about the move or is getting in the way of the progress of the move, distracting them can not only help the process to go along faster and more efficiently, but can also protect your aging parent from possible harm that can come from getting in the way. A care provider, family member, or friend can take your parent on an outing and engage them in a meaningful activity during the time that you are handling the major part of the move. This can be as simple as going to the grocery store to choose snacks for everyone or more time-consuming such as visiting a garden or going to a movie.

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