3 Tips for Having Better Days as a Caregiver

Elder Care in DeWitt MI

Elder Care in DeWitt MISometimes being a caregiver is an unforgiving position. Your loved one is having a bad day physically or you're simply not in the right frame of mind. That happens because we're all human, but if you find you're having more bad days than good ones, you might want to look into how to change that. Feeling unproductive as a caregiver can give you quite a bit of stress, which can lead to other problems.

Set Some Goals

Caregivers often find themselves setting goals, whether those are for their loved one or for themselves. You might be unconsciously setting goals each day or you might be listing them out regularly in a spot that you check often. For the sake of this exercise, grab a piece of paper and write down some of your top goals for your loved one. These could be for the next day, the next week, or even farther in the future.

Evaluate Your Goals

Some of those goals might be realistic, such as helping your loved one get dressed today. Other goals might be a little less realistic, such as helping her to get completely back to the activity level that she had before a severe stroke. Take a good look at your list of goals and determine how manageable they are for both you and for your loved one. Some might be easier with the help of other people, such as your loved one's doctor or her elder care providers, but others might not be manageable at all.

Reframe Your Thinking

In the end, you want to make each day the best one possible for your loved one. So with each goal that you set, ask yourself if it helps to make your loved one's life easier, happier, or better in some way. You may be able to break down some of your original goals into steps that do meet these criteria. Regardless, looking at what you're doing for your loved one from the standpoint of helping each day to be the best one possible can help your loved one and you have better days overall.

Once you have more manageable goals in place, you might just find that they're easier to attain than you ever thought.

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