Coping with Diabetes During the Holidays

Lots of people worry about eating too much of the unhealthy goodies served around the holidays. They may even be concerned about gaining some weight. But, for people with diabetes, the concern goes beyond clothes that fit too tightly or an upset stomach. Diabetics also need to worry about maintaining their blood sugar levels. However, there are lots of things you can help an older adult with diabetes to do during the holidays that will let them enjoy the festivities while also keeping their condition under control. Here are some tips to enable seniors with diabetes during the holidays.

Stay on Schedule
Help your aging family member to stick to their normal eating schedule. Eating at regular intervals will keep blood sugar levels more even. If the holiday meal is going to be served later than the usual meal time, provide a healthy snack and have the diabetic eat a bit less at dinner. Also, try to avoid skipping meals if they overate. This may cause them to overeat again at the next meal. Instead, try providing a lighter meal.

Bring a Healthy Dish
If you and your aging family member are invited to a holiday gathering, offer to bring a healthy dish that is diabetes friendly. This will give the diabetic a go-to food that they can fill up on.

Make Good Choices at a Buffet
When attending a holiday party with a table full of food served buffet style, help the older adult to make good choices. Starting with a plate of fresh vegetables can help them avoid eating too much of the unhealthier options. Another option is to take a small plate of the foods they like and then move away from the table to avoid temptation.

Stick to the Plan
Don’t expect the diabetic to skip all their favorite treats served around the holidays. Instead, budget the treats into their normal meal plan. If they want a piece of pumpkin pie, remember to count it as a carbohydrate.

Fit in Some Exercise
Finding time to exercise during the busy holiday season can be difficult, but it could also help your family member to keep their blood sugar levels and weight under control. Suggest a walk after the holiday meal. Or, fit in a yoga class on the morning of the big party. If your family member is reluctant to go to an exercise class, offer to go with them. Exercise is more fun when you do it with someone else!

If you’re concerned about an aging family member being able to keep their diabetes under control this holiday season, consider hiring an elder care provider. An elder care provider can help them to track the foods they eat, so they stick to their meal plan. They can also encourage the diabetic to exercise by going for walks with them or driving them to exercise classes. An elder care provider can also remind the diabetic to check their blood sugar and take medications.


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