How Can You Help Your Senior Manage Their Crohn's Symptoms?

Crohn's disease is a potentially severe and life-changing form of irritable bowel disease that affects approximately 780,000 Americans. Those who suffer from this condition can experience bouts of painful and urgent bowel needs, weight loss, fatigue, and other symptoms that can impact their daily life and even lead to mental and emotional health issues such as depression, withdrawal, and anxiety. As their family caregiver, you can help your parent to maintain their quality of life, manage their condition, and support their health by learning to manage their Crohn's symptoms.

Use these tips to help your parent manage their symptom as they live with Crohn's disease:

  • Make sure that they understand not only the condition, but the symptoms and treatments as well. This increases the chances that they will remain compliant with these treatments and avoid potentially irritating actions.
  • Know their triggers and help them to find ways to avoid them.
  • Consider elderly care to help your parent make good lifestyle choices, offer reminders to keep them compliant with their treatments and management, and to ensure that they have access to help and support to get them to the restroom or otherwise deal with flares.
  • Request a medical alert card that allows your parent to subtly and discreetly request access to employee-only or otherwise restricted restrooms when they are in an urgent situation.
  • Seek out a support group that can help your parent to feel less alone and to get valuable tips and advice.
  • Help your senior to find ways to manage stress and aid in relaxation, which can help to reduce symptoms and severity of flares.
  • Be sure to always have a day bag with you with items that might provide your parent with comfort and a sense of security, such as adult flushable wipes, fragrance aids, any medications that the doctor permits your parent to take when they are suffering symptoms, and even a change of clothes.

Starting elderly care for your aging parent can be one of the best decisions that you can make for them. Bringing an elderly home care services provider into your parent's care routine can ensure that they have access to the care, support, and assistance that they need to manage their challenges and limitations in the way that is right for them. Whether you are in the sandwich generation caring for your elderly parent and your children and therefore have a very busy schedule, you live at a distance from your parent and are unable to be with them as often as you would like, or you have your own limitations that keep you from being able to fulfill your parent's needs effectively, elderly care can give you peace of mind. Knowing that this care provider is with your parent lets you know that they have access to highly personalized services designed with their health, safety, and quality of life in mind, while still keeping you involved every step of the way.

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