Four Tips for Working More Efficiently with Other Family Members

When you're able to coordinate the efforts of yourself and other family members, their help will fit in smoothly with the other resources you have available to you as her primary family caregiver. The trick is to do all of that the right way.

Remember that Everyone Has Their Own Take on the Situation

You've got your opinion and take on what is happening with your aging family member. So too do your other family members, but they may not have the benefit of your experiences as your senior's caregiver. Try to remember that other family members do have a different set of opinions about what is going on and that can be a strength if you allow it to be.

You're Going to Have to Communicate Clearly

Caregivers in Lansing MI: Four Tips for Working More Efficiently with Other Family MembersOne of the biggest things that you can do is to make sure that all of your communications are as clear as possible. If you're leaving any gray area or any room for interpretation, that can go awry quickly. Also, remember that other people cannot read your mind or intuitively know what they should do in a given situation. That's why communicating as openly and clearly as possible is so crucial.

Avoid Playing Both Sides Against the Middle

Sometimes aging family members wind up playing both sides against the middle a bit. Your aging adult might tell you one thing and tell other family members something different. Then, when those other family members come to you to confront you or with decisions they think should be different, you're caught unaware. This can be a normal, if annoying, bit of family interaction. Don't let it derail you from what you're there to do as a caregiver.

Try to Plan Ahead, if You Can

When you feel like you're constantly flying by the seat of your pants, it's difficult for you to be able to help other family members to help out in the way that you need them to help. If you're able to plan ahead, you can be more of a leader in this situation rather than scrambling to put your resources to work in the best way possible.

As the primary family caregiver, you're the coordinator of all that's going on with your senior's care. That might mean that some family members are jealous or resent being told what to do. But if you can work around those situations and come to some sort of agreement, that's better for everyone involved.

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