4 Ways to Help You Ease Stress and Relieve Emotional Distress Caused by an Uncooperative Sibling

Caregivers in Grand Ledge MI

Caregivers in Grand Ledge MIDespite popular belief, just because you have siblings does not mean that you automatically have an easier time in your caregiver role. As much as you would like to think that having siblings would mean that you have built-in help when it comes to caring for an elderly parent, in many cases a sibling does not want to participate and becomes a source of great emotional distress. It can be frustrating, upsetting, and even infuriating for you to put yourself through so much for your aging loved one, only to have your sibling not want anything to do with the care journey, or even to tell you what you are doing wrong or what you should do without making any effort to step up and be a part of it.

Dealing with an uncooperative sibling in your care journey can cause you a tremendous amount of caregiver stress. This not only impacts the quality of care that you are able to give your parent, but it can also put your health and well-being at risk. Finding ways to ease this stress and relieve your emotional distress caused by this uncooperative sibling gives you the boost you need to protect yourself and ensure that you are continuing to be the highest quality caregiver possible for your aging parent.

Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can manage your stress and distress when dealing with an uncooperative sibling:

Maintain your relationships with your family. Turning this situation into a battle between sides within your family is only going to make it worse. Even if other members of your family "side" with your sibling or do not support you in your thoughts that they should be more involved, do not let this negatively impact your family bonds. Continue to spend time together and value each other.

Acknowledge yourself. You know how hard you work and how much you do for your aging parent, no matter what your siblings say. Do not let their negatively influence how you perceive your caregiver role or what you are able to accomplish for your loved one. Acknowledge yourself and how hard you work, and dispel the guilt that they try to put on you.

Forgive them. Releasing the pain, frustration, and anger that comes along with a sibling that does not do their part can be difficult. You might want to hang onto these negative feelings because it makes you feel validated and you do not want your siblings to "get away with" their behavior. Forgiving them, however, is more for you than it is for them. When you refuse to allow the pain that they have caused you to influence how you live your life any longer, you will experience less stress and better mental and emotional health.

Focus on the joy of caregiving. When you feel as though your siblings are not doing enough to help your parent, it is easy to get wrapped up in the challenges and difficulties of being a caregiver. Instead, focus on the joys that they are missing out on. Think of all of the memories that you are making with your loved one, and the wonderful stories that they are telling you. Take in everything that you can and appreciate that you have the privilege to experience this with them.

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