Is Adaptive Clothing Right for Your Senior?

Pain in her joints and trouble with mobility are just two of the many issues that can complicate the act of dressing and undressing for your aging adult. One of the biggest solutions that can offer your senior peace of mind is adaptive clothing. This gives her a way to continue to do as much as she can on her own.

What Is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is any type of clothing that makes getting dressed and undressed easier for your senior. These types of clothes may use wrap closures rather than pulling on over your senior's head, for example. Others might replace buttons and zippers with Velcro or magnets. Elastic waistbands and pants that have closures down both sides are other examples.

Finding the Right Combinations of Adaptations

The right mix of adaptations can make getting dressed extremely easy for your elderly family member. It might take a little bit of experimentation to find the right bits, too. Your elderly family member may still need help with some types of adaptive clothing, especially on days that are more difficult for her in general.

Adaptive Clothing Helps You, Too

One of the factors about adaptive clothing that is easy to overlook is that it makes helping your aging adult easier for you, too. Helping an adult to get into and out of regular clothing is complex and it's further complicated if your elderly family member doesn't have good range of motion in her limbs. If she's bedridden, the problem is more difficult. Adaptive clothing means that you or home care providers can quickly and easily dress and undress your senior.

You Might Need Different Type of Adaptive Clothing Later

As your aging adult's circumstances change, so too might the types of adaptive clothing that she needs. What works for her today may not be as effective later. It's a good idea to keep trying different options. That helps you to spot new adaptations that help both you and your senior with dressing. As your elderly family member needs more help with dressing, adaptive clothing keeps the process less stressful overall.

Many aging adults are embarrassed at first by adaptive clothing. They might worry that other people will judge them or make fun of them for wearing it. But the bottom line is that this type of clothing makes life easier for both your senior and the people who help her on a daily basis.

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