Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Caregivers in Leslie MI: Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Caregivers in Leslie MI: Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

As people age, performing some of the simplest tasks sometimes gets very difficult. One of the tasks that many seniors struggle with is dressing themselves, which can cause embarrassment and a loss of dignity. Hands that are affected by arthritis make it hard to work buttons, pull zippers, or tie shoes. Mobility and stability issues can make dressing even more difficult since a person who cannot stand cannot step into a pair of pants or stand to pull them up. If your parent is struggling with getting themselves dressed, you may want to consider purchasing adaptive clothing that reduces or eliminates the things they find challenging. In addition, if you’ve hired caregivers to provide in-home care for your parent, adaptive clothing can make their job easier and make the process easier on your mom or dad.

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is made with the abilities of people with special needs and disabilities in mind. Instead of difficult to maneuver buttons and zippers, adaptive clothing often uses magnets or Velcro. Many adaptive clothing pieces open in the back to make assisted dressing easier for caregivers. Adaptive clothing is available from specialty stores. There are several places to shop online as well as stores with physical locations.

When people think of clothing for the elderly, sometimes they imagine the clothes to be ugly and unfashionable, but that’s not true today. There are many manufacturers who focus on making clothes that are, first and foremost, attractive and then figure out ways to make them easier for those with disabilities. The clothing is also designed with comfort in mind.

What Kinds of Adaptive Clothing Are Available?

The simplest answer to this question is—all kinds! There are a wide variety of options in both men’s and women’s clothing available in adapted styles. Shoes can be fastened with Velcro or touch fasteners to eliminate the hassle of shoelaces. Pants that fasten on the side are available. The great thing about them is that they don’t appear any different from pants you might purchase in any regular store. You can even purchase a belt that requires only one hand to close. Women’s dresses are made that fasten up the back, keeping them smooth and attractive in the front, but easy to get on and off.

Are There Other Clothing Options?

Another option to specially made adaptive clothing is to simply look for clothing that works best for your parent’s needs. If your parent is wheelchair bound, shirts that slip on over the head will be easier than shirts that button up the front. Pants with elastic waists are also easier to get on and don’t require fastening, which can be difficult for people who cannot stand.

As your parent ages, there’s no need to give up the dignity of dressing the way they want to. Purchasing adaptive clothing or looking for clothes that work best with their limitations will allow your parent to dress independently or with some help from caregivers in a manner that they feel comfortable with.


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