Senior Care Tips: Do You Know the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Senior Care in Williamston MI: Senior Care Tips: Do You Know the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Senior Care in Williamston MI: Senior Care Tips: Do You Know the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that affects the memory and the cognitive function of the person who suffers from it. It is a progressive disease as well, meaning that it gets worse over time.

However, an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can go a long way when it comes to treatment. Alzheimer’s is an incurable illness, but it can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes, which can help to slow its progression.

So, if you or your senior care aide notice any of these symptoms in your aging loved one, try to schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible, as this could make a world of difference if it turns out that they have Alzheimer’s.

  • Trouble remembering – Everyone forgets things from time to time, but if your loved one continually forgets things that they just learned, can’t remember what day it is, or has to keep asking for the same information over and over again, this could be a sign of something more than just age-related memory loss.
  • Trouble concentrating and problem-solving – People who suffer from Alzheimer’s often have trouble following recipes, even ones they have used a hundred times, and have trouble concentrating well enough to make plans or solve problems. This can be very frustrating for them, and could be a sign that they need help.
  • Confusion – Even in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, confusion can be a big issue. Sometimes the sufferer will forget what day, month, or season it is. Or, they will forget where they are, or not remember how they got there, which can be very frightening!
  • Problems with words – It is normal for people to lose their train of thought while talking from time to time. In people with Alzheimer’s, though, it is hard to get this train of thought back. They have trouble finding the words they want to say, and repeat themselves over and over, trying to get back to wherever they were trying to go with their speech.
  • Bad judgement – Have you or your senior care aide noticed that your loved one suddenly keeps spending all of their money on junk, or giving all of their personal information to telemarketers? This decrease of smart decision making skills can be a sign of Alzheimer’s, as Alzheimer’s makes it difficult to tell a good decision from a bad one.
  • Moodiness – Perhaps your aging loved one used to be cheerful and positive, but now they are moody, irritable, and suspicious of everyone and everything. This shift in personality could also be a symptom of Alzheimer’s, which can lead them to become upset in many situations that never used to be an issue.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your loved one, be sure to get it checked out by a doctor. They might just be signs of age, but if they are indicators of Alzheimer’s, it is best to find out as soon as possible, so that you can begin to treat it before it can get worse.


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